Reporting Entities.

   Reporting entities are legal persons and organisations which have the obligation to report information or suspicious activities of being money laundering and financing of terrorism to the Anti-Money Laundering Intelligence Office.

     Reporting entities which consists of financial institutions and DNFBPs as following:

   1. Financial institutions shall mean commercial banks, micro-finance institutes, all forms of credit lending companies, pawnshops, leasing companies, money transfer service companies, currency exchange shops, insurance companies, securities companies, asset management companies, among others;

   2. Designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs) shall mean companies or agents that provide and manage financial payment tools, real estate trading agencies, valuable material and antique trading business, a bar association or a legal firm, notary public, external auditing firms, casinos or others.


    The reporting entities have obligations to report transactions to AMLOI as defined in Law on AML/CFT as following:

 1. Suspicious Transaction Report;

 2. Cash Transaction Report;

 3. Other transactions as defined by AMLIO.

Download Transaction Report Forms.

Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)    

Report Cover of Cash Transaction Report (CTR)  

Cash Transaction Report (CTR) for Invidual  

Cash Transaction Report (CTR) for Legal Person  

Cross Border Report (CBR)    

Manual for STR and CTR Online Report  

* You can report the supicious transactions report (STR) and other report via: